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Click on the image for a larger view. Florence Alesandria was born on 12 May at the Villa La Columbaia in Florence; she was named after the city of her birth.

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Nightingale's hospital visits began in and continued for eleven years.

However, nursing was seen as employment that needed neither study nor intelligence; nurses were considered to be little less than prostitutes at that time. When the Indian Mutiny broke out in Nightingale offered to leave for India immediately if there was anything she could do. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Paul's Cathedral and Liverpool Cathedral, among many other places. On 1 June he married Frances Smith, a strong supporter of the abolition of slavery. Stores had not got beyond Varna or had been lost at sea. Her services were not required but she became interested in the drebyshire condition of the army and people there. She spent the winter and spring of in Egypt with derbyshite friends; on the journey from Paris she met two St.

In March she returned to Balaclava and remained there until July when the hospitals were closed. They had two daughters, Parthenope and Florence.

Memorial services took place in St. An offer of burial in Westminster Abbey was refused by her relatives. Thomas's Hospital.

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She visited hospitals in London and around the country to investigate possible occupations for women there. In December derbysnire more nurses went to the Crimea. She settled in London and lived the retired life of an invalid, although she spent a great deal of time offering advice and encouragement through her writing and also verbally.

The relief fund organised by The Times sent out stores; other voluntary associations at home were helpful. He also promised 'unlimited power of drawing on the government for whatever you think requisite for the success of your mission'. Frost-bite and dysentery from exposure in the trenches before Sevastopol made the wards fuller than before.

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She began to visit the poor but became very interested in looking after those who were ill. In September Nightingale visited Queen Victoria at Balmoral and told the Queen and Prince Albert about everything that 'affects our present military hospital system and the reforms that are needed'. The institute had been founded for the care of the destitute in and had grown into a training school for women teachers and nurses.

Nightingale's health and other occupations prevented her from accepting the post of superintendent but she watched the progress of the new institution with practical interest.

They reached Scutari on 4 November — the eve of the battle of Inkerman. Nightingale quickly established a vast kitchen and a laundry; she looked after the soldiers' wives and children, and to provided daily necessities for them.

When she aleandria home, she undertook more visits to London hospitals; in the autumn of she inspected hospitals in Edinburgh and Dublin. In addition to her nursing work she tried to provide reading and recreation rooms for the men and their families. In a Commission was appointed to inquire into the sanitary condition of the army: it set a high value on her evidence. Florence Nightingale was brought up at Lea Hall; in the family moved to Lea Hurst which Nightingale had just built.

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She was on her feet for twenty hours a day and her nurses were also overworked; however, she was the only woman whom she allowed to be in the wards after eight at night, when the other nurses' places were taken by orderlies. Potatoes we are waiting for, until they arrive from France. Are none of the daughters of England, at this extreme hour of need, ready for such a work of mercy? This was alexanddria only recognition of her services of which Nightingale would approve.

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Nightingale saw that the disciplined and well-organised Sisters made better nurses than women in England. Bracebridge and Alexis Soyer. She did not visit India.

From her work, a Sanitary Department was established in the Indian government. When Nightingale came of age on 21 February he inherited the Derbyshire estates at Lea Hurst and Woodend in Derbyshire from, and assumed the surname of Peter Nightingale, his mother's uncle.

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In she spent four months at Kaiserswerth, training as a sick nurse. Descriptions from Nightingale and her nurses give some idea of the conditions there: There were no vessels for water or utensils of any kind; no soap, towels, or clothes, no hospital clothes; the men lying in their uniforms, stiff with gore and covered with filth to a degree and of a kind no one could write about; their persons covered with vermin.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. In March the Crimean War broke out and the reports of the sufferings of the sick and wounded in the English camps created anger in Britain. We have not seen a drop of milk, and the bread is extremely sour. John's Institute, and fourteen from various hospitals; Mr. During the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War of her advice was sought by the respective governments.

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Nightingale refused the offer of service by Mary Seacole. In May Nightingale visited the hospitals at and near Balaclava along with Mr.

Nightingale offered her services to the War Office on 14 October but her friend Sidney Herbert — the Secretary for War — already had written to her, suggesting that she should go out to the Crimea. However, before the end ofNightingale and her ewcorts had brought the Scutari hospital into better order.