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It is also stands as a prime example as to why Harlow became a star so quick. She is a loveable prostitutess goddess, and there has simply been no other like her.

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Mary Astor, a star since appearing opposite John Barrymore in "Don Juan", plays a repressed wife who doesn't believe in the strength of her husband Gene Raymond nor her own weakness when it comes to resisting the animal magnetism of rubber plantation owner Dennis Clark Gable. John Gilbert was to play the part of Dennis originally as an attempt to bolster his masculine image which had been damaged by the higher-than-anticipated timbre hralow his voice as recorded by early sound equipment.


The scandal that followed frightened the studio who thought that Harlow's career was over. Willie Fung, who plays Gable's houseboy, is also derided as gay in the script by the line delivered by Jean Harlow.

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The rain-barrel scene in which gable scolds Harlow for being to "care-free" is one of Hollywood's most memorable film moments. Though more than competent in their roles, neither of these actresses could recapture the spark that made Harlow and Gable the "it" couple of the 's. Bern, it turned out, had a common law wife who had emerged hxrlow years-long institutionalization and confronted him about his new wife.

In the middle of the making of the film, Jean Harlow's producer-husband, Paul Bern, was found dead.

Conversely, Gable doesn't realize his weakness in letting himself get involved with the ladylike Astor and underestimates the strength of prostitute Vantine Jean Harlow who, when Astor shoots Gable, gives witness to Ptostitutes that his wife is innocent and that Gable deserved shooting. She is a loveable sex goddess, and there has simply been no other like her.

For her part, Harlow returned ij the studio and never spoke an unkind word about her late husband. Racism is not a key element in the plot of "Red Dust".

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The way she stares at and chides Gable, and the sheer image of delight which graces her expressive face when she's in his presence, is something that couldn't be taught in any acting college. Jean Harlow's star had been on the ascendant after scoring a huge hit in "Red Headed Woman" a scandalous story of a secretary who sleeps her way to the top. The realism of these two performers in those films made them a natural for the raw jungle tale of passion and betrayal. This film was remade as "Mogambo" fibd John Ford in Scandal had ruined the careers of Fatty Arbuckle and Clara Bow, causing their studio Paramount to loose millions on their films.

For that, you would have to see "The Mask of Fu Manchu" where the Asians are neither lazy nor stupid, but sexual predators, instead. For it's time,"Red Dust" is sexually progressive, showing the freely running passions of Gable and the two women, while in retrospect, it's depiction of Prlstitutes is as poor stereotypes.

No "hero" ever countered the indignation of the leading lady before, and certainly not the divas at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Gable was a whole new breed of leading man. The production value is quite adequate forwith Harlow playing a prostitute harloq the run who happens upon Gables rubber plantation.

Harlow prostitites Fung giggling at her underwear, to which she replies "Gee Pre-code period piece melodrama with intelligent writing. The arrival of Mary Astor and her husband played well by Gene Raymond, threatens Harlow's chances with Gable, as he takes a liking to the pleasant demeanor of Astor. It is also stands as a prime example as to why Harlow became a star so quick.

jarlow It is pure Harlow. But for accurate Pre-censorship Hollywood adult dialogue and plot, "Red Dust" will do nicely, thank you. Was this review helpful?