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The lorongs "streets" in Malay in Geylang are ed 1 to 42 eastward, with the red light district in the teens and great food places found all over. Walk down Sims Avenue in the direction of Lorong

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They close when they're sold out, usually at about 8. All Rights Reserved. They sell another interesting local dessert called ondeh ondeh, round balls stuffed with gula melaka "brown sugar" in Malay. The red light district is nothing like that in Amsterdam, where the girls sit behind glass windows at street level in plain view singpore all pedestrians.

Cross Geylang Road and you'll find that the red light district is the entire area which starts from geylang singapore prostitution Lorong 8 and ends at about Lorong If you cannot get to the MRT Station by Order yourself a bowl of soya beancurd in sweet syrup and some you char kway crispy dough fritters to go along. Eat it cold or hot. If you can't bring yourself to buy and try an entire spiky green 'melon', then try a durian "chee cheong fun" a smooth, white skin made from rice flour which is usually singapote with shrimps or chicken and eaten with soya sauce instead at Jia Ping Porridge House.

There may ssingapore a few girls walking back to the brothels after being dropped off by their clients though, and I did see quite a few Indian and Thai prostitutes along Lorong The hawkers will cross singaplre road to serve you the food. Sometimes I wonder if foreigners dislike durians because the ones they try are of poor quality.

It's hard to wash off if it gets on your clothes! If you intend to order something from both coffee shops, you can sit on either side of the road. Only good quality durians taste good, and choosing a good quality durian is a skill which even the locals have difficulty picking up. singapoer

Walk down Sims Avenue in the direction of Lorong I notice that mangosteens sweet, white flesh are very well-liked by foreigners though. Unless you walk into one of the brothels, you're likely to see only hundreds of men lurking geylag waiting for something. The lorongs "streets" in Malay in Geylang are ed 1 to 42 eastward, with the red light district in the teens and great food places found all over.

Lrostitution the beancurd here is good, there's a more popular one along Geylang Road which I will come to a few paragraphs down. At that junction, there are 2 coffeeshops. The fruit stalls are interesting to visit. Rochor Beancurd is open from noon to midnight. Just let them know where you're seated.

Legal brothels in s’pore to close until the end of next month

After you've had your fill, walk down Geylang Road in the direction of Lorong Try the various types of dim-sum and also the century egg congee pronounced in Cantonese as "pei dan zok" here. At the other end, Lorong 9 will meet Geylang Road. Don't be afraid, the preserved egg is not really a years old! The restaurant is next to Lai Ming Hotel.

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The porridge house is prostigution amongst the row of fruit stalls and is located at No. As a local, I just can't get enough of the rich, creamy, bitter-sweet lumps, but most foreigners find the taste of durians repulsive.

The one on your left has a stall called Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow fried Chinese, flat, rice noodles served with tender slices of beef in black bean saucewhilst the one of your right has a stall selling frog's leg porridge. This hour coffeeshop too serves soya beancurd, and it is definitely more popular than Rochor Beancurd. The restaurant is open from 3. It is open till 4.

Further down Sims Avenue, you'll see a whole row of roide fruit stalls selling King of Fruits - durians, mangosteens, and all kinds of colourful, local fruits. This is indeed a very unusual dessert, with durian puree stuffed in rice flour skin, then coated with a layer of peanuts.

At No. Be careful of the purplish red stains which come off the fruit when you eat it though.

Here, the girls are housed in brothels, which are terrace houses with large s and sometimes with red lanterns hanging outside. Smooth, white curds made from soya beans are prostiturion in a bowl with syrup.

It's a popular dish for breakfast and as a dessert.