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Hockey player looking for you

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So you started dating a hockey player? You added them on Facebook, saw their profile pic and realised… you hooked up with a hockey player. This is pretty cool you tell yourself, and then your friends.

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Single
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City: Tahoe City, Holly Hill, Carter Lake
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Relation Type: Pathetic Man Seeking I Don't Know What Or Whatever.

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You can do whatever you like, but it will look a bit weird and clingy.

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Why are there so many sticks in the car? But note, what happens on the bus stays on the bus.

A valid question and obviously not all hockey players are the same; however it is useful for you to accept that the car is not only a means of travelling but also a storage unit. Do not under any circumstances wade in and take offense on behalf of your partner.

Here are 5 things a hockey scout is definitely looking for in a hockey player.

I fancy a holiday, just how important is hockey? Does wearing plauer helmet make them bald? Load up the fixture list online and put them in your diary. Every hockey player has been there. That sweating palm that has been working hard during ffor game whilst covered in fabric of the glove has not been sufficiently cleansed. Only joking of course, the players need to arrive early so they can warm up, organise equipment and go through tactics with the coach.

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June is a great time to have a break with affordable plane fares and non-peak accommodation prices. This is good news, the team made the Play-Offs baby! Cross your fingers and hope your new partner is more Ned Braden than LaFlamme. Easier dating a woman hockey player? hockkey

Nhl superstar roundtable: can hockey players be anonymous? who has the league's best flow?

Ready to meet the parents? Bookmark the permalink. That post game drink turns into a blossoming romance and as the hand strokes the face the expression changes. Asking the player every week if they have a game at the weekend and then looking aghast when the reply is a double header on the road will stress looming parties. Hockey is a big commitment and needs to be accepted or left alone. Why is training late at night? They have been playing for years.

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It is what makes them the person you will love. This is pretty hickey you tell yourself, and then your friends. Where can I do more research on hockey and how players behave? Why are there so many games? Next question.

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No matter how many times you ask, the answer is already there if you want to face the reality. Here is the Pro Hockey News guide to some of those burning questions that gou crop up. Honey where did your teeth go?

Yes it will be difficult for you to get into the passenger seat at times, but these sticks tell the world that this is a hockey car, and if there is an extreme road rage event your partner ,ooking well prepared for any attacks. Should I go to games on the road?

Just what is that smell?! This is locker room chat extended and will just add to the ammunition if you get involved. This includes 5ft sticks, spare shafts and in some cases for the injury prone, an emergency pair of crutches. Contact the author: david.

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Is hockey more important than your relationship? You must log in to post a comment.

Why do they have to get to the rink so early before the game? Your time is better spent elsewhere, even if that means ploughing through a box set of Love Island re-runs.

Here are 5 things a hockey scout is definitely looking for in a hockey player.

Can I buy a team jersey with my partners name on the back? Just comfort yourself that your other half will be sat discussing your sex life with all of their team mates and watching ridiculous movies on the team bus. Why are they still playing? Why are their team mates so offensive on social media? fpr

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Ice is cheaper the later it is used so many teams train late at night. Grab a copy of Slapshot, Youngblood and Goon and have a movie marathon while your partner is down at the rink. Take your Ipad or a good book. You added them on Facebook, saw their profile pic and realised… you hooked up with a hockey player. Think again!

How hockey connection works

So you started dating a hockey player? This is so they can bitch and whine about your moaning behaviour for half an hour before going on the ice. The team are having a night out, should I be worried?