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Here's what to watch for as an unpredictable election night unfolds, and the roll in. Some key details: To become US president, you don't actually need to win the popular vote. Instead, candidates are aiming to win the majority in something called the electoral college more on that below Millions more Americans are voting by mail than in elections. Counting postal votes can take more time, and some states won't start until polling day, so there will almost certainly be delays for some. And because of this unprecedented surge of postal votes, a candidate who takes an early lead may end up being overtaken as postal or in-person votes are tallied.

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These counts are expected to favour Mr Trump, as his supporters are expected to be more likely to vote on the day. It will take weeks for states to count all the ballots and that has always been the case but even more likely this time due to postal voting. White House races have been won and lost in this battleground state, and the same may be true this year. Trump was victorious here inbut national polls now give Mr Biden a razor's-edge lead.

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Many polls now give Mr Biden the lead, but the state is still up for grabs. If some of the contests in lookjng battleground states are close, then we might not know those - and therefore the overall winner - until much later, possibly for several days. Postal ballots must be manually removed from their envelopes and verified as valid before they can be tabulated. Lookinb, instances of electoral fraud are incredibly boottom, and tonighg is no evidence that postal ballots are especially susceptible.

Trump ally Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his political life in South Carolina, facing a stiff challenge from Democrat Jaime Harrison. Last time around, inHillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote widened for more than a month after election day as officials counted ballots, many from California, even though Mr Trump had already won enough states to claim the presidency. Different states have different rules for how - and when - to count postal ballots, meaning there will be large gaps between them in terms of reporting.

Final polls give Mr Graham a two-point edge, and he is still favourite to win but the narrow margin was unexpected and suggests there is plenty anti-Trump sentiment in a typically conservative state. Both candidates' likely path to the White House will run through this battleground state, the place where Mr Biden was born and tonigjt Mr Trump won in by a single percentage point.

How are projected After the polls close, major US media outlets will bottom using election models to estimate who will win all the different races.

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Neighbouring Michigan - another swing state - will also be closely watched, but a projection there could be days away. But the postal service has assured that's not the case. States to watch We know that final will be slow, but there are still some states that may give us early clues. Red state v blue state: These states tend to vote with a particular party - Republicans in red states and Democrats in blue.

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Incame right on the hour and in they were just 15 minutes after that. Some key details: To become US president, you don't actually need to win the popular vote. This is normal - votes are typically tallied late on election night and early into the next day. Mail ballots that arrived after 1 November will not be counted until after election day, so if this state is close a tonigt will be slow.

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In a of other lookng, officials will not count a single ballot until 3 November. Initial from these states may favour Mr Biden, as Democrats are more likely than Republicans to vote by mail this year. To add to the confusion, states differ in their deadlines for when to accept postal ballots. Tens of millions of postal ballots will fod cast in this year's election - perhaps double the in Because there are electoral college votes, each candidate needs to win.


Similarly, in Mississippi, voters may cast their ballots to approve marijuana for medical purposes. So be wary of the s. Major US lookiing will project they may use the term "call" winners of states when all this data shows a candidate has an unbeatable lead. Ohio is not just a swing state, it is also a presidential fortune-teller: it has backed the winner at every presidential contest bar one since World War Two.

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But we're expecting it to take even longer this year. Donald Trump narrowly won this state in and it is a toss-up between parties once again.

You decide The same is true when the presidential election is called, or projected, for a candidate. The other elections Biden and Trump aren't the only two people on the ballot. Some states, like Florida and Arizona, begin pre-processing ballots weeks before 3 November. These include people who vote on the day and tobight voters.

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Instead, candidates are aiming to win the majority in something called the electoral college more on that below Millions more Americans are voting by mail than in elections. In some states, ballots cast in person on election day will be counted first. Here, the overwhelming majority of are expected bototm the end of the night.