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When Boris Johnson announced the new rules allowing single people who live alone in England the option of creating a bubble with one other household from this weekendhe created a real dilemma for some - who to share a bubble with? I'm in the category that is permitted fr make that choice as I live alone.

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Every Premier League match is to be televised live.

With barbers and hairdressers still firmly closed, is it a vanity overload to base your bubble choice on who can best tend to your tresses? And of course, you can only make any of these arrangements if someone agrees for you to them - and q firm invitations have arrived so far. Dreaming of beers on the couch as we watch up to four live matches a day makes me nostalgic for the days when Frank Skinner and David Baddiel shared w same set-up in real-life as well as in the TV studio.

Nor a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek or any other form ,ooking direct human contact. But I have been so impressed by the newly-discovered skills of some others who have clearly found their inner Lee Stafford.

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I'm a Liverpool fan desperate to see every moment of my club's bid to end 30 years and two unexpected extra months of hurt and seal a Premier League title. My best friend gives the warmest hugs, the soundest life advice and, as she also lives alone, it seems like a beautiful bubble option. When Boris Johnson announced the new rules allowing single people who live alone in England the option of creating a bubble with one other household from this weekendhe created a looking dilemma for some bubvle who to share a bubble with?

I'm lucky enough to have a really talented chef among my friends but just having anyone who loves food to share a dinner table with after so many months of living alone is such an attractive choice. I've seen the damage being done to certain people close to me after they handed over their hair maintenance to those they live with. The government is quick to stress that people who happen to be single but live in a shared house eg with flatmates will not get the opportunity to mingle - unless they have a partner who happens to live alone.

Some families are facing bubbke more heart-breaking decisions. And given they are both in their 70s and I am a key worker going to and from work each day, I feel that I might continue to exercise the greatest caution and stick to those outdoor gatherings.

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The besties bubble - to get an overdue hug Now I must admit I did feel a lump in my throat when a colleague's words prompted me to conclude that, due to living alone and the strict social distancing guidelines, I'd not had a hug since mid-March. But as a single man without children, Lloking can be more relaxed about choosing my bubble - so what are my options?

But if anybody in the bubble gets coronavirus symptoms, everyone in those households will be forced into self-isolation for 14 days - lpoking if they had limited themselves to brief bubble visits rather than staying over. The new rule allows unlimited visits, and even overnight stays, between the two homes without the need for social distancing. It's coming home - live the fantasy football life To be honest, the thing that I've missed the most over the past three months is my football fix - but televised matches are back with a vengeance from next week.

Bubble tourism’s sops to be presented next week

Position vacant - to keep bubble romance hopes alive As Jane Austen so nearly said, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of his own home must be in want of a person to share his bubble. If the dream woman was to walk into my life this summer, surely it is a better prospect to our chances of romance if I can invite her for dinner a deux.

I'm in the category that is permitted to make that choice as I live alone. Mine's a bubble - the friend who happens to run a pub Or the supersized version of the above option.

All I need is to choose a mate with BT Sport for our own transfer deal and a superb summer lies ahead. Come dine with me - feasting with a foodie friend Those who like to cook love to have people to cook for. Once you make your choice you have to stick with it.

The final verdict? After so many fog of life alone at home, I'm genuinely undecided - and I suspect so are many other single people at least those who don't have a pressing family issue to consider.

Want to my bubble? this is what your future social life could look like

But I suspect many of the key matches will be claimed by Sky Sports and BT Sport - and I only have a subscription to the first of those. Single parents with children under 18 are also given the option of "bubbling up" with someone else.

So I am in a privileged position. But they also have a lovely garden so I'm already able to go and spend time with them on any day that the weather holds. And, yes, if you do the cooking, I can bring dessert. Let's just hope my bubble dreams don't burst The sensible choice - keeping it in the family I'm part of a close Irish family and the chance of my first proper visit in months to my parents' home in time for Father's Day is the choice that truly warms my heart.

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Explaining that I am already in a bubble with my parents would NOT be a good look. You cannot bounce from one bubbble to another.

bubblr Sorry mum. I pledge to do no more than stare longingly at the beer taps as we patiently wait for the day all pubs can reopen.

My favourite bar is managed by a friend on a live-in basis - and from what I can tell, she and her boyfriend have the run of the place right now. Is it too cheeky to propose a bubble link-up so Lkoking can pop in and legally enjoy their big-screen football, pool table and jukebox?