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George Kraft — Dir. Holdridge I want to start out by talking about vision. I'm talking about my personal vision. I'm a low vision guy who's had 6 surgeries on tonightt left eye, retinal detachment.

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My wife's flower garden, that's the only thing I water. Not real conducive to high capacity municipal wells. This one, the closest could be a sand point, but there may be others.

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I went down and had to hydrocrack to get to water. At the closest point, the Plover River is about 1,' from well As you would expect, as you get further away, of course the static water level for all intents and purposes, when there's no pumping, there's no change. Our well will be very similar to well Where is the next well going to be?

Grand Rapids was up on top because they had bad water at lower levels. To do that, they've invested millions of dollars and all that is fixed. We don't anticipate any.

That's why the City is committed to building a water treatment plant to take out the iron but more so to take out the manganese. They have shallow wells.

That would be one of the arguments I would like to suggest that you folks are technical people, civil engineers and you have skills in these areas. It's a federal system, not just the town or city government, it's ass county, state and federal government. Wisinski — Hwy. If my well at ' affects my neighbors, what is this going to do?

John, does that answer your question? Butt We were not notified.

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We looked at the possibility of going through this wooded area and up to the airport property but the airport would have nothing to do with that. They were decommissioned in for old age, poor performance and poor well quality.

What this maps shows, with Hwy. Your mortgage doesn't go down if you get a cut in pay, you still have to pay your mortgage.

Planton It's getting worse? Which also by the way, the borrowing of this doesn't impact the debt capacity of the City.

That's not something we want to do. There are other toniight here that might mitigate even what you have here. So the City of Wisconsin Rapids did make arrangements to deepen those wells, lower the pumps and put new wells in. Again, this is from the well logs and this isn't meant to be the scale in this direction so that is why we put underneath a text box actually showing how may lineal feet away from well 11 we're going and nce kind of drawdown we anticipate from pumping at 5 mgd.

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Holdridge Other questions? Citizen ' Planton '? That's why the highest rate block is for the smallest users of water and that captures all the residential users of water. These are 8 of the 10 properties that abut the well field property.

The immediate abutting properties to the well site. We want to stay west of the river and as far away from the river as possible. Planton Sure.

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There is a rate process that has to be maintained and a certain level of income that is necessary for the utility to keep the rates stable and within reason for our rate payers to handle it. A nnice bit about the background of the well project aas. That could cost money to fix and you could say to Stevens Point, there's an impact here. Unfortunately we don't have in here, remember the highest water that occurred over the summer time.

Falkowski The best example is Wisconsin Rapids and I think we had this discussion.

June as soon as the well guys are done. Michael's Pipeline Construction, Inc. But the nitrate level could be high and you wouldn't be able to smell or taste it.

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We collected all that information so we would have a better idea of what this site would be like and what kind of water quality we could expect. That's what everyone in this room is most concerned loooing.

Halvorson The likelihood of another well with well 11 being fully operational at 5 million gallons per day is very, very low. Holdridge I want to start out by talking about vision.

The red line is the reliable supply capacity with a large unit being out of service. Here's well 11 and going out in this direction I believe there are maybe 10 or 12 wells. All we did was the legal requirements for public notices.

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Holdridge Dave, did you have a question? That's the well site, surrounded on 3 sides by the Town of Hull and with the airport property to the south. Can you tell me how they did lookng analysis?

The likelihood of all 4 of those wells going down is remote.