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Without a stronger prostitution law, police lack the ei to intervene. Police can arrest prostitutes operating on street corners, but they struggle to make charges stick against those operating indoors because the current law — passed when street prostitution was rampant — specifies outdoor solicitation. Rhode Island's current prostitution laws are the consequence of a year-old legislative accident.

Donald Carcieri is ing lawmakers, police chiefs and others Thursday at a news conference to press the state Senate to pass legislation that would make any prostitution illegal — effectively putting out of business the so-called massage parlors and spas that proliferate in Rhode Island. World R. Some police departments tacitly operate under the Rhode Island model, only targeting prostitutes and customers who become a nuisance in public.

R.i. tries to outlaw indoor prostitution — again

The bill passed the House last month. Former House Speaker Matthew J.

A short while later, the woman and five others were arrested in a prostitution sting. They doubt these trafficking victims — mostly Asian will open up to police after mzle raid, and they say a criminal record could make it more difficult for prostitutes to leave the sex industry.

A massage therapist rubbed the officer's back, then simulated a sex act with her right hand. This encounter would be an open-and-shut prostitution case in any other state besides esvorts of Nevada.

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The disputed statute was so restrictive that a federal judge found it could potentially ban even some forms of consensual sex between adults. Rhode Island's loophole went mostly unnoticed until Providence police raided several spas inincluding the now-defunct Midori, and then lost their cases in court because of the loophole. Even so, he wants state lawmakers to eliminate any ambiguity. So legislation was passed that outlawed only paid sex and cracked down on those making solicitations outside.

Joanne Giannini, who sponsored the legislation to close the escrots, argues many of the women who work in the Rhode Island sex shops are coerced victims of human trafficking. Since then, lawmakers repeatedly have tried — and failed — to change the law but faced opposition from civil libertarians, advocates for sex workers and even the state chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Taking on spas, parlors Gov. Smith said lawmakers never meant to draw a distinction between indoor and outdoor prostitution.

R.I. tries to outlaw indoor prostitution — again

A federal judge who later analyzed the statute ruled it also had the effect of decriminalizing indoor prostitution. Around the same time, residents in the West End of Providence complained to police that outdoor prostitution was so rampant that customers were randomly soliciting women on the street. Those changes have not satisfied the state branch of the National Organization for Women or the Rhode Island Commission on Women, which withdrew its support.

Now there is a push to close the loophole created by a legislative mistake 30 years ago.

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The group also claimed that police were unfairly targeting women prostitutes while largely ignoring their male customers. The women in the Midori case were acquitted. The commission wants a guarantee that trafficking victims won't be charged in the first place, said Escirts Wells, the commission's executive director. But in Rhode Island, a legal loophole allows sex for cash, if it's done in private.

Their advertisements run alongside those for strip clubs and adult stores and offer services described as "body shampoo," "table shower" or "relaxing body rub. They say permitting the arrest of prostitutes could end up punishing human trafficking victims.