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On Thursday night, Tony Clifton not only ignited a fistful of cigarettes, he threw a lit butt into the audience, causing a guy to think his shirt was on fire.

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He went on for several more seconds, then stopped midspew to scold Rocky for interrupting him with her thoughtless yapping.

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And hide the car keys. It's Zmuda's total assumption of character—it feels even an invasion of armed buffalo wouldn't snap him back to reality. Yeah, I got a mongoloid monstrosity named Toby. By then, there were only a couple dozen of us left. Show him that leg!

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Eminently game, the lasses just smiled and giggled and reveled in his playfully perverse attentions. The promoters will only say it's Tony Clifton, of course. Hence his triumphant return stateside -- just in time to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kaufman's death with a booze-soaked, adult-themed, multicity romp. Zmuda is, in fact, a gifted improviser, albeit a terrifying one without any semblance of aesthetic boundary.

Let him touch it. Until, that was, gushes of complimentary Jack Daniel's started to spray from the stage, ;rostitute all worries in the first three rows. Clifton, you might recall, was a creation of the late comedian Andy Kaufman. It is a bacchanalia with a horn section that lands somewhere near deep, deep parody, a live taping of a Howard Stern show although Stern would never dare say some of things that come out of Clifton's mouthan episode of "Hee-Haw," political satire, a New Orleans jam session led by a decent group of session musicians and an evening at Nevada's Moonlite BunnyRanch, where Clifton hangs out.

I just came back from Peru. Show him how tight it is. If someone you love—and only partially trust—has tickets this weekend, be very afraid.

But Zmuda is the director of Comic Relief, the company producing the show, whose proceeds benefit gulf coast artists affected by Hurricane Katrina. The restaurant was nearly empty, but a woman dining within earshot glanced over when Clifton's lewdness grew louder. Midtet Thursday night, Tony Clifton not only ignited a fistful of cigarettes, he threw a lit butt into the audience, causing a guy to think his shirt was on fire. It is also supporting ongoing efforts to help displaced Katrina animals and support animal rescue midgeh in times of natural disaster.

Friday morning, it dawned on me that the whole point of this show was to keep performing until everybody had left and the performers had all collapsed. And then I had to leave 'cause I had a little problem one night. Ria Sakurai Aka Miu Aisaki Camila aka Erica watches her small tits in the reflection Paola aka Sumager hopped on the dick and bounced away Nursing on toes.

Ptostitute from their predilection for prostitutes, Clifton and his original portrayer had distinct personalities, disparate world views and seemingly separate lives. It is in heinous bad taste, beyond X-rated, replete with a glamorous dance troupe of dangerously young women and, as the performers get drunker, wildly out of control.

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Andy was very gentlemanly," Hof says. It isn't so much the profane material here that gets under your skin—although it does, it does. When Kaufman died of cancer inZmuda inherited the poorly tailored mantle for keeps and occasionally trotted Tony out in public.

But somewhere around 2 a. Until the current tour, those outings were rare. That's my thoroughbred. Andy didn't drink. Show him. He's a bunch of bones sittin' in some graveyard.

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In those "crazy" times, Hof says, Andy wasn't always himself. Kaufman's friend Bob Zmuda has been known to perform as Clifton--before and since Kaufman's death in clifto this time he might just be the guy behind the giant sunglasses. Anyway, four hours of Tony "Goldfinger" Clifton was enough.

At the show I saw, Clifton drank incessantly, passing out shots and occasionally pouring liquor on audience members. By mounting this production, Comic Relief continues its commitment to support artists affected by Hurricane Katrina.

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This is true. God help him and those who play with him.

He is now played by former Kaufman sidekick Bob Zmuda. Fin' amazing.

The evening starts with projected video of Tony Clifton footage, then turns into a Vegas-style song-and-dance revue featuring the Cliftonettes a burlesque troupe and the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra comprising several New Orleans musicians. I don't think I've ever left a show I was reviewing.

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Zmuda does not admit this in public. InComic Relief donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to New Orleans housing rehabilitation. Accompanied by the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra, the bellicose balladeer will croon from a vast repertoire of Sinatra, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even Led Zeppelin to raise funds for Gulf Coast artists who were hit by the hurricane. Some progressively uninhibited fans egged him on, demanding that he get meaner and crazier, which he did, over the course of three and a half hours.

As part of a national tour, his performing prowess will be showcased starting Thursday at the Chopin Theatre, W. In true Kaufman fashion, Clifton never breaks character--he discomfits the crowd with racist remarks and pedophile jokes and apparently sabotages the entire production by arguing with producers and performers, leading to long delays between bits.

A BYOB affair at the Chopin, it will feature top-notch New Orleans musicians and Big Midget prostitute clifton the Pump Room, Clifton frequently pawed his dolled-up arm candy Rocky and Keelymoaned pleasurably in their presence and made unprintable remarks about their private parts while holding forth in a semisecluded antechamber near the bar.

Now that's a little fin' midget," Clifton snapped. I was selling out soccer stadiums in Peru. By the end half the crowd had bailed, and I really couldn't figure out which parts of the show had been staged.