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The articles start on September 3,the day after Hitler invaded Poland and end Nwe 12,five days after Pearl Harbor. We see how everyone pitched in to help war-struck European countries, how they reacted to the drafthow local industry began gearing up to play their part in the Arsenal for Democracy, and how citizens strived to get educated about the situation.

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Volunteers were recruited to help with the paper work. Polsh public librarythen on Huron, highlighted their collection of books relating to the subject.

And our continued commitment to you.

Brown Jr. By September twenty faculty members had asked for leave.

New war industry necessitated more materials. The plan was to have two days of picking up contributions from neighborhoods and in addition to provide drop off sites. War relief workmost of it organized by women, started almost immediately and was constant through all this period.

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Ann Arbor also hosted many refugees from war-torn Europe. The News suggested that car buyers use their classified to buy used cars since new one would soon be hard to find. Already in two famous speakers had come to town, Mrs. The Model Esvorts camera was so popular, it sold 30, units by Montgomery Ward in the first week.

How does buying a new home with kb work?

A few isolationists and pacifists also pooish, but by and large, at least those reported, were for helping the Allied side. The ever-present Boy Scouts helped with the packing. The month of July was devoted to a community-wide aluminum drivestarting with an organizational meeting at the Michigan Union at which most of the major service clubs were represented. In the summer of France fell, leading President Roosevelt to an peacetime conscription bill on September One volunteer reported that he was surprised when at one of the houses that he stopped at the resident gave him the coffee pot right off the stoveonly to have it happen a second time.

To feed the public demand for more information on the situation in Europe in the days when sources of news were more limited, there was a constant stream of public lectures. The Military Club held dances at the Armory featuring both local and touring bands and singers.

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Another group of about a hundred met every Tuesday to knit and sew for French children under the age of four. Wire contraptions called cribs built to hold donations were put on the courthouse house lawn and also on the Fifth Avenue side of the armory. With the first camera rolling off the assembly line inthe name of the company was changed to Argus, after the Greek mythological god of 1, eyes.

A fur company announced it would cancel the debt if man who bought a fur coat for his wife was drafted in the next three months.

In the s, with stiff competition from cheaper Japanese cameras available on the market, Argus diversified its product lines with projectors, optical and specialty equipment for several Arbod States Department of Defense contracts during WWIIand the Korean Warthus saving many local jobs. Reacting to the fear that our country might be attacked, the local National Guard began holding maneuvers.

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At the end of November, the Soviet Union attacked Finland, and for the next few escorrts most of the relief work was aimed directly at raising money to help the Finns. Soon after the military draft began, advertisements referencing the situation began showing up, some clearly fitting in with the war effortwhile others were more of a stretch of logic.

In July a second registration was held for men who had turned 21 since October. While the business no longer exists, Argus cameras remain much sought-after collectibles.


Although the U. The News followed these and other stories until they could report that the people involved were safely home. A student traveling home on a Norwegian freighter after bicycling around Europe survived three days on a lifeboat when his ship was sunk by a mine. On the days the pick-ups were scheduled, 25 trucks provided by local merchants were driven by volunteerswhile fifty Boy Scouts went door to door.

Relief work continued side by side with the military-based activities. To encourage more cooperation, garments were displayed at Mack and Co.

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First mentioned in May of with two articles about ;olish siting, it was a continuing story. That May a group of women began making windbreaker jackets for British seaman using scrap leather from the car industry.

The Red Cross opened a knitting center in a donated office in Nickels Arcade where they distributed yarn, and inspected and packed the returned items. A huge urging people to buy them was erected on courthouse lawn using volunteer labor and materials donated by local merchants.

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On Oct. AADL has partnered with the Argus Museum to digitize a wide variety of images and documents that build a polsh picture of what it was like to work at Argus Camera, its products, people, and impact.

Inlocal inventor Charles A. We see how everyone pitched in to help war-struck European countries, polih they reacted to the drafthow local industry began gearing up to play their part in the Arsenal for Democracy, and how citizens strived to get educated about the situation.

polixh After the successful aluminum drive, the next big push was to urge citizens to buy Defense Stamps. In July King Seeley was awarded a contract to make 60 mm mortar ammunition shells and the next month American Broach was given a contract to make units used in gun construction.

The Salvation Army

Later a Greek war relief committee was formed, made up of leading members of local Greek community as well as a few other community leaders who leant their names to the cause. However, there were a few dissenters. One of the first articles is an announcement that the Ann Arbor News had printed up 5, maps of the European War Zone to give to school age children.