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Puerto rican personality traits

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In addition, economic changes associated with migration to the U.

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Children have separate activities from the adults.

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Individualism is encouraged. Merit is of greater importance than interpersonal relationships in business interactions.

Placing elderly relatives in nursing facilities is unusual. Married couples tend to live in a house or apartment near their parents. Children are brought up as an integral part of the family unit. Quite often parents, especially mothers, make sacrifices for their children.

Children are not expected to contribute to the welfare of the whole family. Self-reliance and independence is encouraged.

The family unit is very diverse but, generally, it tends to be small and nuclear. Family members such as the grandparents, parents, married children and other relatives may live in different parts of the country. Adult children are generally expected to live at home until marriage.

Grandparents usually live with their children and may participate in community activities for the elderly. In addition, economic changes associated with migration to the U. Interactions among family members reflect the independence that is expected and highly valued among individuals in this culture. persinality

It is quite common to find three generations living under the same roof. Individual achievement is not considered as valuable as family loyalty.

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Interpersonal relationships are important. It is common practice to place frail elderly relatives in nursing facilities. Family, kinship, and friendship play a major role in both social and luerto interactions.

Communications by telephone, as well as visits among families, are s of being caring and are strongly encouraged and valued. Many families have had to adapt to their environment in the United States as they deal with poverty and violence.

Family honor is of primary importance to Puerto Ricans, and they pesonality an extended family, or modified extended family, which is the basic support system for first- and second-generation families in the U. Communication by telephone is common, but family visits are often reserved for holidays and special occasions.

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Friends and peer-aged acquaintances are often seen as the foundation of U. Adult children are encouraged to leave the nuclear family and become independent before marriage. Individual achievement is highly valued.