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As the clock struck eight yesterday morning, Cyril Saunders paid the penalty for his crime.

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Sheppard escaped with a cut hand, but the car was completely wrecked. Nesbitt was badly bruised about the right shoulder, and had her eyeglasses broken. Defendant was driving a motor car, and as he was attempting to pass a cab he alled him to stop.

Tiles were blown to the ground in great s from buildings the district, while hundredweights of lead ridging were lifted clean from roofs, some being carried a distance of 20 yards. Exeter to Launceston -Good to Whiddon Down, then fair.

That was evident by the fact that defendant was salmon at less prices than the law allowed him to charge. The man and woman were brought to Exeter on Saturday afternoon, and will appear before the City Bench to-day. Bezley and Copp, had a wonderful escape yesterday.

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Varwell and J. Smith for their rhonddaa and remarked on the excellence of their arrangements, the company returned by cars to their various businesses.

Later, accused went to the man who exchanged machines with him and sold the machine he had received from him for 30s. At Exeter Police-court, yesterday, Lucy Ada Gill, of 25, Stepcote-hill, Exeter, a war widow, was summoned for stealing a of articles of clothing during the past three months, valued at 30s. Had he kept on the same side Courtenay would have run into the head the car and been killed—nothing could have saved him. Joseph Otton, land surveyor, of Exeter, Mr.

Surely customers from the country should be welcomed in Exeter.

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Roper, of Barnfield-road, and then the Devon and Exeter Hospital, where it was found that she was suffering from a fractured thigh and severe shock. Property had been missing for some time, but Mrs. Chief Inspector Martin explained that about 9. He had ly been convicted for larceny.

Lloyd Parry and the Principal of the College also attended. The debtor stated that he became aware of his insolvency in February last, and that since then he had borrowed from three escorrt moneylenders.

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He spent the greater part of Monday writing letters to his parents and personal friends. Drake, of the Exeter Bank, the hon. Defendant said he was driving the car on second gear, and on that gear the car would not do do more than 15 miles per hour with the accelerator right down.

Carpenter rendered first-aid, and on coming round Slade, in reply to a question, said he was on leave until Monday, but had no leave ticket on him. An entrance to the premises was promptly effected, and the fire was discovered in a brush room on the second floor. The above bulletin remained posted over yesterday. rhonsda

Caroline Toley, aged 71, of 24, North-avenue, Polsloe-road. A horse, the property of Messr. He was attended by Dr.

Her hat, with esort pin still in it, was found on the railway embankment. Hocking, at 23, Haven-road knocking the wall down and smashing the ware which was the shelves on the wall.

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It is all right for the well-to-do owner, who can afford a chauffeur, and can make him esxort and up down while he does his shopping, but it is hard on the owner-driver. Depree, at the Exeter Police Court yesterday, the adjourned case was heard which Mr.

Mr Norman Like was for plaintiff, and Mr. There it was discovered by Dr.

Wheeler, G. Gould was the coroner.

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Gordon, both having great hopes of his recovery change for the worse took place on Thursday evening, and the sad event took place shortly after five o'clock Friday star. Thirty-five vessels had arrived 10 steam or motor and 25 sailwith a total tonnage of 3, tons, comprising English, Dutch, French, Danish, and Swedish.

Lovick said defendant was driving a pair of horses, tandem style. She declares that a man and woman came there to lodge, and after staying a few days the man violently assaulted and threatened to murder her.