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Imelda Cruz wants out. Out of the cramped bedroom where the window won't open. Out of the mobile home she shares with four adults and two children, including her husband and daughter. Out of the humidity, where she can barely breathe.

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Out of the mobile home she shares with four adults and two children, including her husband and daughter.

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She couldn't cry. Sandra fights with Riquelino, Brigida's 2-year-old son. And they escprt fear la migra, or immigration, is around the corner. She grimaces, holding one hand to her belly, the other to her back.

Force of nature

About four years ago, Imelda and a cousin decided to head for Florida, where they had heard workers were needed. When relief workers eventually went looking, they found people like Imelda. Six days later, she sits in front of a neighbor's mobile home that was spared. There were windows blowing out all over. She dre the night ahead in Brigida's mobile home.

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Imelda reaches out and caresses her daughter's face. Jorge lies on the ground in the shade of the tarp. Jorge meets them at the clinic. It's still too hot to go to sleep inside.

Imelda and Sandra carry matching white purses that were donated. She hesitates to step outside her small circle, as decimated as it is.

The Immigration Justice Campaign

Her time, at last The next day the contractions return. Like many other migrants, they spent the next few days surviving on the water, canned goods and tortillas they had hoarded before the storm.

A little purple head emerges. Jorge got a job at a plant nursery for the summer, awaiting the fall citrus season. At age 10, she left school to labor in the fields with her family.

A doll props open a window in the hall. The nurses move into action. And the Hardee County health clinic gave them a play-pen bed for the baby.

Imelda asks for Jorge and Sandra, and they are awakened from the car. Fat flies lazily buzz her face. It turned her mobile home into a cluster of gigantic splinters.

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She hopes doctors will induce labor. Grady wraps him snugly in a blanket. A blue tarp, strung from the home to two surviving trees, offers shade but little relief from a scorching noon sun. As Charley hit, a half-dozen children screamed, Imelda recalls.

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Back at the mobile home, Imelda sits on a cooler and bounces her leg nervously. Imelda folds the clothes they escaped with, a few sets of shirts and pants. She gives Sandra, a small, dark-haired girl with large almond eyes, a bath. Between contractions, she wearily watches a telenovela.

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But in the middle of the night in the stifling heat, Imelda rises and walks outside. When the pain started, Imelda was alone.

Imelda and her family bathe with rainwater collected in buckets. Sweat gathers under Imelda's eyes and in the folds of her shirt.

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Thelia was brought along by a group of volunteers to help translate. Times staff photographer Kathleen Flynn contributed to this story. Jorge arrived for the birth. Her toes curl with the pain.

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The rain-soaked mud and debris smell rotten. Imelda's room is small, with one bed, a pink blanket and a television hanging off the wall. escortt

Imelda smiles sadly as they offer hamburgers, bottled water, clothes and diapers. Imelda, Jorge and Sandra fled to a friend's house in his cousin's dented Ford Escort.

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Hillsborough County public health workers arrive in the afternoon with a doctor and a translator. Watson le Sandra out of the room. Imelda Cruz wants out. On her back, she looks up through a window that the hurricane sealed shut, aching for just one cool, merciful breeze.

But a county health worker returns on Aug. Imelda then steps in the tub and lets the water wash the day's heat from her long hair and jacksonvillf body. Philip Grady, a nurse and Navy lieutenant from Pensacola, takes the baby. Out of the humidity, where she can barely breathe.