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Harry is once again enduring a dreadful summer with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. He is angry and frustrated that he has had little communication with either Ron or Hermioneand feeling isolated and cut off, is desperate for any information about Voldemort and the Sscret world.

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As noted in earlier chapters, Harry has been worried throughout the summer: despite Voldemort's return, the expected evil has yet to materialize.

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She claims Sirius treats Harry like he was James Potterrather than as his godson. Harry's returning each summer is sufficient to keep Privet Drive his home.

Harry's fate now rests on a hearing scheduled for "9 A. Is Harry overreacting, or does he have the right to feel deprived?

How dare sevret befoul the house of my fathers. Sirius also lets slip that the Order is guarding a weapon, at which point Molly Weasley interrupts and sends the children to bed. How is Dudley affected by the Dementors?

After some disagreement over who ohoenix the younger set can stay, Mrs. While the effects on Dudley are marked, possibly more than they would be on any other Muggle, there is no indication that he actually sees them, only that he is affected by them. In the kitchen, the Weasleys and several Order members are busy preparing dinner.

Sirius Black explains to a bewildered Harry that the portrait is his mother, the late Mrs. Secet Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia berate him about Dudley, an owl letter from the Ministry of Magic arrives, expelling Harry from Hogwartsand demanding that he await the arrival of a Ministry representative who will break his wand.

How does Mrs. After hearing that Lord Voldemort has returned, Uncle Vernon, recognizing the danger of housing Harry, demands he leave. Dudley perhaps should have been affected much less by the Dementors than he was. Harry repels the Dementors with a Patronus Charm.

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Figg's revelation that the house is being watched, at Dumbledore's instructions, would for some of the knowledge he has of the Dursleys, but the sort of observation that Mrs. This process will continue throughout this book, and the place will gor almost cheerful when Harry visits at Christmas. What s for this? Order members working inside the Ministry must be cautious, as the Minister threatens to fire anyone friendly with Dumbledore. We learn shortly that it is at Dumbledore's orders foor Harry has been kept uninformed.

This is very nearly the last time we hear from Mrs.

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The Dursleys again show how little secreh care for their nephew's needs. Who sent Petunia the Howler? The house's appearance will give the reader some concern, as with its snake-head door handle, display of preserved House Elf he, and screaming portraits, it is clearly the residence of Dark wizards, probably with some looiing to Slytherin, who almost certainly share Voldemort's views on Wizarding racial purity. Weasley side with Sirius, however. Figg now leaves to await Dumbledore's orders, leaving Harry to face the Dursleys alone.

Like Dudley, she apparently also detected the Dementors presence when she should have been unable to, and her magical lineage was at least as strong as Dudley's.

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What is its current purpose? He is angry and frustrated that he has had little communication with either Ron or Hermioneand feeling isolated and cut off, is desperate for any information about Voldemort and the Wizarding world. Luckily, he is overridden by Arthur Weasley. Also, Arabella Figg, a Squib, has apparently been watching Harry ever since he was left at the Dursleys. They finally descend in what appears to be a lower-class neighborhood.

Harry leaves, initially to investigate the noise, eventually ending up alone with his thoughts in a playground.

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That Harry would be expelled from school and have his wand broken, without an official inquiry and for such a minor offense, indicates the Ministry of Magic must have some ulterior motive in moving so quickly against him. The largest unanswered ones are: How did Petunia learn about Dementors, and given that she knows that much, what other knowledge does she possess sfcret the Wizarding world she has never shared?

At least one of Mrs. In an attempt to reject his family's values, which are repugnant to him, he is trying to eliminate the house's Dark magic. Weasley, feeling he is too naughry, disagrees over how much Harry should know. Additionally, the adult wizards, notably Dumbledore and, to a lesser extent, Mrs.

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There is more information on this in the article on the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery. While Hagrid has been on a mission and is likely unable to write, it seems that Ron and Hermione are deliberately withholding important details from their letters, leaving Harry feeling abandoned. We never know Mrs. Percy's only official misstep was that he never realized how "sick" Crouch was, for which he can be forgiven because Crouch apparently hid this well, and Percy's promotion simply aids naughhty fiction that the Ministry must fabricate to explain what happened to Crouch.

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What more could she know? What does its message say and what might it mean?

In that event, Arabella Figg may have been the character Rowling intended to become magical. Petunia's explanation about Dementors and Azkaban not only shocks her family, but shows she knows far more about the Wizarding world than she has ever let on. As heelp struggle to move Dudley to the house, Mundungus reappears.