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What is an enby person

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Parents as in the formal words mother or personn, or the informal mama or dada. Gender-neutral and gender-inclusive words for a parent of any gender, or non-standard specifically nonbinary, queeror genderqueer words.

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Common words Bibi. A nickname that was repurposed to be a parent name.

Neutral, standard, formal. The equivalent to mommy or daddy is "renny.

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Note, zither is also the name of a musical instrument. Common words Auncle: Combination of aunt and uncle. Neutral, mixture of niece, nephew, and sibling. Alternatively: young'un. Non-standard genderqueer term for sibling.

What’s the difference between “enby,” “nb,” and “non-binary”?

Standard English doesn't have a gender neutral word for one's parent's sibling. Non-standard genderqueer term for a very young person.

Coincidentally like a combination of Nonbinary Mumma. Poetic language for offspring. Implied age isn't adult, but may be.

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A way of saying children in a non plural way, often used when referring to a nonbinary. It derives from the roots of both "aunt" and "uncle", the anglo-French "aunte" and the Latin "avunculus". Standard gender-neutral word for peson person under the legal age of consent. Parental Unit PU. Neutral, poetic word for a young person, but usually implied to be male.

Trans* Identities and Lives Glossary

Neutral, crude word for a young person. Sib: Short for sibling, equivalent of bro or sis.

A mix of offspring and the Latin word nepos, from which both niece and nephew are derived. Gender-neutral or genderqueer words for sibling.

What’s in a word: enby

Neutral word for a very young child or young offspring. Derived from "parent. Standard gender neutral word for a person in the care of another, often one's. Young person. Common words Sibling: Standard gender neutral term for sister or brother. Combination of Nini and Bibi, based on NB.

What does it mean to be gender-fluid?

Neutral, standard word for offspring, but not usually used for people "my young. Other associations include pear the fruit or pair, as in the other half whaf a couple.

A mix of mommy and papa. Kid: Standard informal gender neutral term for young children or young offspring. Little one.

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Parents as in the formal words mother or persoj, or the informal mama or dada. Can call to mind an au pair, which is a live in childcare worker usually a woman but not always. Common words Parent: Neutral, formal [6] Baba. From "NB nonbinary ", a nonbinary equivalent of the words "boy" and "girl.

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Neutral, standard word, but not usually used for people, except in legal language. Follows a similar pattern CvC to Mom or Dad, wht be short for "nonbinary".

Short for grandparent, grandmother, or grandfather.